Model Visualization for App4MC

Rework Task Visualizer

Project for the Google Summer of Code 2019 and the Eclipse Foundation by David Nagy, based on the work from Tobias Huermann.


Version 1.1a


The world in which we live in is evolving faster than anyone can expect. New Technologies and Systems assisting us in our general life, from the invention of the electric power, over smartphones, up to self-driving cars. This was a big step in human evolution and gives us a small insight into what is to come in the future. In this future, the technical requirements are going to be higher than ever. This will increase the importance of multi-core real-time systems more and more. Therefore I'm excited to be a part of this development.

Project Description

The goal of this project was to expand the task visualizer of Tobias Huermann. So far it was possible to visualize the status of the running processes. Now it is possible to look at the data flow of the individual processes and the corresponding label. In addition, there are many new views to display the statistics of the elements. All this is just for the purpose of providing the user with better processed information.

Project Repository

Forked Repository on GitHub

Commit on GitHub - c28d98fd288d0a084d52072e1b5e2ea55070ca50

Merge request on - 148352

The code has made it through file validation and is now officially part of the project

Commit on - a219fbb5234b0dbcda07cfe87b9d5cc29c1597a8

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